I'm a factory girl

Well, what can I say about me? Lets begin from the beginning.
Hi, my name is Giuliana, I'm from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, I have 16 years and I'm from aries. I'm a little bipolar, i have some problems like every teenager but i'm really unhappy with my life. I have a sister, 3 best friends (girls) and a thousand male best friends, hahaha. I love music more than everything, and i don't have a kind of music defined, i listen to everything, and what i like i put on my ipod. I'm always faking hapiness, but when i arrive home, i lock my room and cry. I'm crazy for Taylor Launter, Harry Fucking Potter, Pretty Little Liars, music, Taylor Momsen, Demi Lovato,The Pretty Reckless and boys . I think that's all. And welcome to my Tumblr :)